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Our Services

Financial Award Services

What is FAS?


FAS is a financial award portfolio management company that helps companies to stay active, compliant, and to potentially receive more grant awards opportunities. We can guarantee that our process handles all of your updates, notifications and certifications making you 100% compliant with federal government requirements.

What FAS is Not


FAS is not affiliated with the government. We are not a company that does business with those companies that do not agree to our full terms of service and without a full understanding of what services we are performing for them.

Our Management Process


Our process is split up into four phases. The first phase includes the functionality from the following systems: 

  • (CCR) Central Contractor Registration 
  • (FedReg) Federal Agency Registration 
  • (ORCA) Online Representations and Certifications Application 
  • (EPLS) Excluded Parties List System 
Benefits of FAS
  • Dedicated Case Manager

  • Ensures Complete and Accurate Data

  • Saves Company Potentially 10-20 Hours of Completing Awards Registration

  • $100 Less Than Average LLC Bonded and Insured Processing Firms

  • Submitted Within 24 Hours (Not All Cases)

Our System for Award Management Services


What We Offer & Our Benefits

We are a financial award portfolio management company. We manage NAICS Codes, PSC Codes, MPINs, SBA information, DUNS information and award management financial information. We do this in order to maintain a company’s awards funding or to maximize a company’s potential to receive financial awards funding.

We extensively review our clients’ portfolio information to examine if our clients’ financial award portfolio is up to date and in compliance with industry regulations and laws. Also, through our company’s systems, we cross reference our clients’ information with financial award databases for inaccuracies.


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