How does this work?

Step 1: Fill out a form with your business information

This form helps us understand your business so we can better represent you when renewing your registration.

Step 2: One of our team members will call you

In order to complete the registration process, we need to confirm some details with you over the phone. Expect the call to take about 30 minutes. Most phone calls take less than 15 minutes, but some can take longer due to special circumstances of your registration.

Step 3: We will email you when your renewal has been submitted

Your case specialist or account manager will send an e-mail to you once your renewal has been submitted with details on when it was submitted and the current status. You won’t be charged until this step.

Did you know?

You need a valid SAM registration to do business with the US government.

Any registration that has expired or has incorrect or incomplete information is considered invalid. Any registration with an expiration date within 60 days is at a major disadvantage of winning new business. Renew with FAS today to keep your registration current, valid, and error-free.

The US government won’t tell you if your SAM registration is invalid.

Misspellings or missing information in your SAM application will invalidate your registration. Unfortunately, the US government won’t tell you what is wrong with your application. Trust your application to professionals and make sure it’s done right.

We charge your card only after we perform our services.

Although we ask for payment information before we perform services, we will only charge the card after services have been performed. And if you are dissatisfied with the services we’ve performed for any reason, please let us know. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.